Imperfect Action!

I’ve been accused of being a very lucky person most of my life. My wife, co-workers, and mother-in-law in particular accuse me of this all the time. I can see why they do it. I’ve won hundreds of dollars in free food, clothing, games, and movie passes. I even won some tickets to see Justin Timberlake in Vegas (Epic!). You see, each morning I have about a 30  minute commute and about once a week I win something on some radio contest. So that makes my lucky, right?


I don’t think I’m any luckier than anyone else I know. Really. I’m not just saying it. I just think I’m willing to do something that most people are either too afraid or simply unwilling to do. You ready for the BIG SECRET?

I Ask.

That’s it. A little anti-climatic, I know, but that’s the secret. Yeah, I win a lot on the radio, but you know why? Because I call every single morning. Think about it: statistically speaking, I’m also the unluckiest person you know. I don’t win stuff every day too. And I don’t win a lot more than I actually win. But I repeat. The only reason I win so much is because I ask. I try. I’m not afraid to be told no.

Can I just tell you how liberating it is to be unafraid of the word, “No”? Not only do I win stuff on the radio, but when we go out to eat I sit where I want because when the waitress says, “Are these seats okay?” I ask, “Can we sit in a booth?” Usually she says yes, but if she says no, that’s okay too.

A couple years ago my wife wanted to go to New York and see Wicked on Broadway. But I’m a teacher and our trip would have been in the middle of the week. She almost cancelled the trip. You know what I did? I asked my principal if I could get a sub. You know what he said? “Sure! Enjoy your anniversary.” Can you imagine?! I would have missed out on seeing Dog the Bounty Hunter who was sitting 3 rows behind us…oh, and Wicked.

This whole “Asking” think is something a mentor of mine calls, “Imperfect Action”. We are always afraid of failing, or getting told, “No”, or…I don’t know. But when we learn to take imperfect action and just Ask, Act, and Accept it is amazing what doors are unlocked.

So…starting asking my friends! Take imperfect action. You’ll be surprised at the number of times you get told, “Yes”. And hey, you can then join me as one of the “luckiest” people on the planet!

I think this video sums up the idea of “Imperfect Action” nicely.

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