Spoiler Alert…it’s about to get Christiany up in here!

So, I’m a Christian. Don’t worry, this won’t turn into a Christian themed blog. Although if it did, I would be fine with that too.

But today’s wisdom came from a friend of mine who also happens to be a Christian. And you guessed it, the two of us kinda got into the deep stuff.

This friend of mine cleans carpets (click here if you want to check out his site) and was cleaning my carpets last week. There is a stain I’ve been hiding under a lamp for a long time now. A big, ugly, red stain. It’s either a Kool-Aid spill from one of my kiddos, or evidence from a grisly murder investigation. That’s how ugly it is.

To be completely honest, I had forgotten all about it. Every time I vacuum I kind of just vacuum around the lamp. I guess I don’t want to deal with it and my subconscious just tells me to go around it. Don’t deal with it.

I was helping my buddy move the furniture and when he saw the stain, he exclaimed and then asked me how long it had been there. We both laughed at my embarrassment and obvious neglect of the blotch. I told him that we didn’t have to worry too much about it. “I’ll just just cover it back up again,” I said. Well that little phrase sent the two of us into a metaphoric discussion about our lives.

We compared sin/mistakes to the stain and how we all try to cover up and forget about it. We talked about how that never solves the problem and just ends up being an ugly mark in our lives. This friend of mine is quite a Bible scholar and he went on to compare how he treats a stain like this to how Jesus Christ cleanses our sins. He told me that the Savior Jesus Christ said that he would “blot out” our sins just like he would “blot out” the stain in a carpet. I had to look it up and I found it! Acts 3:19-21.

I have thought so much about that. I did a little soul-searching (literally) and would invite you to do the same. What mistakes am I embarrassed about? What would happen if I turned to Jesus? Wouldn’t he just laugh a little with me then help blot out my stains? I think He will.

No. You know what? I know He will. He loves us. Isn’t that why He came? To save us from our sins?

So, it’s time. Time to let the Savior heal and help. Let him blot out a stain today!

I told ya. It got a little Christiany. And my friends, that’s not a bad thing!


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