My wife works from home so we can provide a few creature comforts for the family. In the beginning it was nice. A little extra cash never hurts anyone, amiright?

Well, she’s been working this job for about 4 years now, and the company really likes her. They’ve given her more responsibility and what started out as a part-time, “while-the-kids-are-in-school” thing has kind of become a 3/4 full time job. Yes, the company has compensated her for her time and increased work load, but last week the proverbial “stuff” hit the fan.

Our kids are getting older now (14, 12, 10, and 8) and are involved in a lot more extra-curricular activities and such. Homework has increased in difficulty, and their social lives are blossoming. And you can call me a sexist, but this is the time when a mom is needed. But because of her job, my wife couldn’t be there for the kids as much as we both wanted. Last Friday, my youngest daughter needed help with an art project and when my wife told her to wait until she was off work, she walked away with slumped shoulders and said, “I wish you didn’t have to work mom.”

Sucker punch to the heart!

Later that same day, our only son wanted to go to a friend’s house and play. He had finished his homework and chores and it was Friday. My wife gave the same excuse and my son had an almost identical reaction: “I wish you weren’t always working.”

That, my friends is what you call the ole one-two punch.

Now, while all this is happening, I’m at my job. I get a text from my wife saying, “I quit…”

At first I thought she was having issues with our kids, so when I texted back, “You can do it!”, she wrote, “No. I mean I quit my job.”

“Seriously,” I said.

Her response was that emoji with the red cheeks and wide eyes, as if to say, “Gulp…I can’t believe what I’ve done.”

Without going into the whole story, I will say this. There has been an excitement in our home from our kids, and a sense of peace for me and my wife. I can’t explain how, but I know everything is going to work out because I firmly believe that when we have our priorities straight, everything else will either fall into place, or fall out of our lives.

Success isn’t dependant on the size of my wallet. Rather, it’s defined by the peace I feel with my family.