Donald? Who’s Donald

You may know a Donald. I’m probably not him. I’m just a guy with a simple story.

I’m not the most athletic person. Okay, that’s being too kind. The truth: I really suck at sports.

Sure, I wrestled in high school but ended up getting the “Most Improved” award at the end of the year. That’s pretty much the coach’s way of saying, “Yup. You stink at this but at least you didn’t give up!”

Anyway, with that brief background it probably makes sense that I’ve never really been into playing sports or even watching them on TV. I did however like spending time with my dad and grandpa and they LOVED watching sports. Especially football. I never really understood what was happening when we watched but I got really good at cheering when they did, or booing when they booed.

Fast forward a little and as young boy my dad really wanted me to play football. I didn’t really have any type of strong desire to do so, but I did want to please my dad, so we signed up.

To this day I still remember that first week of football practice. We didn’t sign up for two-hand touch or flag football. Nope, my dad signed me up for full-on tackle football. It was hot and painful. I don’t remember our coaches name but I do remember thinking that I had never seen someone yell so loud at kids. I think his strategy was, “Let’s allow them to hit each other over and over again. That ought to inspire a love of the game in them.” Okay, maybe not, but that’s what it felt like.

When week two began so did my excuses. “Dad, I think I have a fever.” “Dad, I must have sprained my ankle.” To my dad’s credit he didn’t buy it.

At first.

Towards the end of that week I told him, “Dad, I really want to learn to play piano, but I don’t have time if I’m doing football too.” I still cringe about that one. Pretty lame, huh?!

My dad’s response…”O.K.” I thought I had won. The only caveat my dad had was that I had to tell the coach. At the time, that was the hardest thing I had to do but I am beyond grateful my dad made me talk to the coach. Oh, and he made me sign up for piano lessons.

Short story long, that was one of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in my life. The lesson for me was this: you can make any excuse you want in life, but you better be ready to own up to them. I have thought about that experience almost every time I’ve wanted to justify something in my life.

And that, my friends, is the purpose of this goofy blog. I wanted to record some powerful lessons I’ve personally learned as well as share inspirational stories from friends and family.